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St. Johns — Small Town in a Big City

We are a nonprofit business association in the St. Johns business district of Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to:

  • Support and promote St Johns in solidarity with local businesses and organizations
  • Provide a welcoming space for advocacy and the continued growth of our vibrant and diverse district as a distinct borough of the city of Portland.

Find the local businesses and services you need and see the St. Johns Boosters’ member businesses:

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Show your support for St Johns businesses during construction and beyond!

Buy a plant for the native plant pocket park

Supporting businesses in St. Johns since 1926

Clock in St. Johns Plaza, Portland, Oregon
Clock in the St. Johns Plaza. Photo by Deanna Cantrell Photography.

Also called the St. Johns Business Boosters, the Boosters work to encourage small and large businesses in St. Johns through advocacy, education, and networking.

We make St. Johns shine each holiday season by lighting up our street trees, encouraging shoppers to come out and enjoy our restaurants and boutiques.

Each member business is highlighted with its own page linked under Local Businesses. Check the pages for details including hours, location, menus (if applicable), and links to social media.

Check our Calendar to find upcoming events or look under the Events tab to learn about annual events like the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival and many more.

Whether you are new to St. Johns or a long-time resident, we appreciate your patronage of our local businesses!

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Contact the St. Johns Boosters

Do you have an announcement for the St. Johns marquee signs, the website calendar, or want to schedule a plaza event?

Or use this contact form to get a question answered. We are here to help you.

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 83291
Portland, OR 97283

St. Johns, Oregon

St. Johns Bridge going into St. Johns Portland Oregon, home of the Boosters, supporting businesses in St. Johns.
The St. Johns Bridge is one of the gateways into St. Johns, a small town in the big city of Portland, Oregon.

Incorporated in 1902, St. Johns is the walkable northern neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Located on the peninsula formed by the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, it has the atmosphere of a small town, family friendly with schools, jobs and services all readily available.

St. Johns offers a downtown shopping district with eclectic shops, artist community, restaurants representing a diversity of cultures, and the beautiful waterfront park under the soaring bridge.

The industrial areas along the rivers include cargo and shipping facilities and the Rivergate Industrial District. The most distinctive feature of our community is our famous bridge. Under this bridge is Cathedral Park, rated by BuzzFeed as one of the “22 of the Coolest Places to Get Married in America”. The St. Johns Bridge simply never takes a bad picture.

Directions to St. Johns

North Lombard Street and Burlington Avenue intersect in the heart of St. Johns and mark the location of the St. Johns Plaza. Most member businesses are within a few blocks and a short stroll from the Plaza. St. Johns is served by TriMet bus lines 4, 16, 44, and 75.

Join the St. Johns Boosters

Our business district runs from the railroad cut on the east side to the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. If you own or operate a business entity or nonprofit organization within the St. Johns business district, we invite you to join us. Please check the link below for more information and the 2021 membership application.

St. Johns Boosters business district map. Extends from the Willamette River to the Columbia River with the east side being the railroad cut.
St. Johns Business District Map

Cover image by Deanna Cantrell Photography

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