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We Sold Out!

Woohoo! Thank you St. Johns!

The St. Johns banners team is proud to announce that we sold all 51 weeks available to advertise in the header of the St. Johns Boosters website.

Banners Grant

To catch you up, in the fall of 2017 the Boosters applied for a placemaking grant from Venture Portland to design, print, and install banners in St. Johns. The grant of $3,000 required matching funds. We were hoping to raise $2,000 in matching funds by selling advertising in the website header. Ultimately, we raised $2,900 from businesses who purchased 3, 5, or 9 weeks of advertising. These ads will be seen by the hundreds of site visitors who are looking for restaurants, shops, and services in St. Johns.

Another $500 was raised in-kind matching services donated by Shiref Eksander, owner of Alshiref Design and Print, who worked with the Boosters Banners Team to design the banner.

This means that the Boosters made a profit of $400! The money will go to support lighting the St. Johns business district trees with lights during the holiday season.

St. Johns Boosters banners team
St. Johns banners team. Left to right, front row: Mary Ann Aschenbrenner, Liz Smith. Back row, Allison Kirley, Leah Dowling.

Banners Team

The St. Johns Banners Team includes Mary Ann Aschenbrenner, President of Waterlink Web and the site designer for the Boosters, Liz Smith of Bizzy Lizzie and the social media rep for the Boosters, Allison Kirley of Delicious Life Wellness, and Leah Dowling of Leah Dowling Real Estate. Banners Team members not pictured here include Berdine Jordan of St. Johns Clay Collective and Brandon Rivera, a U of P student who wrote most of the grant application.

The team deserves a BIG thank you for working with the designer, PGE, City of Portland, the Boosters Board, and the printer/installer, Able Sage LLC to bring these 20 cheerful banners to St. Johns. In all, the project required about 100 hours of volunteer time.

Want to Advertise?

If you want to advertise in the website header, check back in March/April 2019 when we will be scheduling ads that begin May 11, 2019. Advertising runs week to week from Saturday to Friday. Ad charges are as follows:

  • 3 weeks, $200
  • 5 weeks, $300
  • 9 weeks plus 1 week on the marquee, $500

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann is a St. Johns resident since 1990, small business owner, and tireless volunteer in this community. She is the owner of Waterlink Web, a website design and development firm specializing in eCommerce and eLearning websites for small businesses, teachers, and nonprofit organizations.

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