Holiday 2022: Ugly Sweater Events

Ugly Sweater events are happening in St. Johns this season. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Ugly Sweater Events, Part of Light Up St. Johns

Light Up St. Johns Holiday Tree Lighting

Friday, November 18th / 5 – 7 PM
St. Johns Plaza / N Lombard and N Philadelphia

  • Lighting the Community Tree in the St. Johns Plaza
  • Enjoy a choir
  • Giveaways of Ugly Sweater ornament kits
  • Hot chocolate & cookies!
  • Ugly Sweater photo ops.

Shopping Event

Saturday, November 19th / 11 am – 4 pm
Participating stores throughout St. Johns

  • Specials at participating storefront businesses
  • Gift certificates & goods from Home Service businesses at the Plaza!
  • District-wide Shopping Extravaganza for raffle basket entry
  • Holiday markets at various stores
  • Ugly Sweater photo ops in the Plaza
  • Free Hot Chocolate in the Plaza.

Shopping Extravaganza

Friday, November 18th – Sunday December 18th
Participating stores throughout St. Johns

  • Win 1 of 4 raffle baskets
  • Take a photo inside a St. Johns retail business
  • Post on Instagram with #lightupstjohns and tag the business
  • The more businesses you go into and enter, the more chances you have of winning!
  • Winners will be drawn and notified on December 19th via Instagram.

Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl

Friday, December 9th – Sunday, December 11th
Any St. Johns drinking establishment

  • Win a nightly $50 Gift Certificate!
  • Go to any St. Johns drinking establishment
  • Wear an ugly sweater
  • Post a picture on Instagram with hashtags #lightupstjohns and #uglysweaterstjohns
  • Tag the business
  • Winners will be notified on Instagram.
Ugly Sweater Events, Part of Light Up St. Johns

Download a 1-page PDF flyer of the Ugly Sweater Events

Brighten Up St. Johns

Lights Update … Looking for 2018 Sponsor

Thank you St. Johns! Despite a late start, the community support for the Brighten Up St. Johns campaign was amazing.

We were able to light 50 trees, including 5 new trees along Burlington Avenue, making our downtown business district inviting and safe even on dark winter nights.

St. Johns tree lights

Brighten Up St. Johns Totals

The totals for 2017 are in for the Brighten Up St. Johns campaign:

  • GoFundMe — $950
  • Donations into cans at local merchants — $1,219
  • Metamorphic Sock Sale — $250
  • Ace Hardware round up campaign — $571

Grand Total: $3,486!

We didn’t reach our goal of $5,000 but will be back next fall with more lights and plans to start raising funds earlier in the season.

2018 Sponsor(s) Needed

We are looking for a corporate sponsor for the 2018 Brighten Up St. Johns campaign. The sponsor or sponsors will receive marketing and promotions opportunities as well as the thanks of the St. Johns community. Let us know if you are an interested business by sending the St. Johns Boosters an email.

Enjoy the lights as they continue to shine throughout the dark winter season.

Brighten Up St. Johns

Lights Out? Your Help Is Needed.

St. Johns tree lights

We all love the tree lights that the St. Johns Boosters install and update annually. During the dark days of winter they beautify our downtown business district, improve pedestrian safety, and encourage shopping and dining at local businesses.

That holiday glow extends into the spring until the trees start leafing out. These lights we all love, however, need funding.

Ace Hardware donated 175 strands this year to replace light strands that had burned out. Some business owners also donate to cover the cost of lighting the trees in front of their store or restaurant. Still, the cost is up to $5,000 each year for the permit, installation, and lift rental.

After a good start in this year’s fund raising, we are coming up short. As of December 13th, the community has donated $2354 toward the $5,000 needed:

  • Ace Hardware’s “round up” campaign brought in $571 in November.
  • Metamorphic’s sock sale, with the proceeds going to the Brighten Up St. Johns campaign and St. Johns’ Food Share, brought in $250.
  • Donations into the GoFundMe campaign are at $810.
  • Donations into cans left at local merchants are at $723 at last count.

Please donate through the GoFundMe Brighten Up St. Johns campaign or by giving when shopping at local merchants. Donation cans are set near the cash registers at about 40 local businesses.

It’s the generosity of our community that keeps the lights going each year. Let’s keep this St. Johns tradition alive.

Donation Cans for the Brighten Up St. Johns campaign

Brighten Up St. Johns

Brighten Up St. Johns!

Please help us fund this community endeavor.

Donation Cans for the Brighten Up St. Johns campaign
Look for these cans at your local merchants!

The St. Johns Boosters need your help making the holiday season shine. Everybody loves the lights on the downtown trees that improve public safety and bring shoppers out to local merchants and restaurants.

Last year, with your generous gifts, the Boosters were able to repair 35 trees that were already lighted and light an additional 10 trees! In 2017 we hope to maintain and repair lights on 45 trees and light an additional 5 trees on Burlington Ave.

We have 45 cans out at local merchants. If you would like to host a donation can at your place of business, contact Beth Preciso at The Man’s Shop, 503-286-3514.

We will keep this campaign up through the holiday season. Please donate early and donate often.

Our tax identification number is 93-6031813. Thank you.

Or donate today via our Go Fund Me Campaign, Brighten Up St. Johns. [button link=””]Go Fund Me[/button]

St. Johns Boosters

Lights Being Installed and Final Days to Donate

Thank you to all of the St. Johns residents and businesses who have donated generously to our Make St. Johns Shine campaign. With $3,514.81 raised we are close to our goal of $5,000.Help Make St. Johns Shine this Holiday Season

It costs the St. Johns Boosters $250 per tree to install the lights on the street trees that we all enjoy during the holiday season and the dark evenings of winter. The tree lights encourage pedestrian traffic, increase sales at local shops and restaurants, and improve safety. Our campaign ends on Friday, December 16th.

There are three ways to donate and help us reach our goal:

  • [button link=””]Donate Via Go Fund Me[/button]
  • [button link=””]Donate Via PayPal[/button]
  • Donate in the cans set out at many local businesses.

Lights Being Installed This Week

Please say hello to our tree light installer this week. Beginning Monday and finishing on Thursday, the tree light installer will be out each evening. If you see him, thank him for making St. Johns a brighter place!

St. Johns Boosters

A Totally Delicious Way to Make St. Johns Shine

burgerville-logoBurgerville and the St. Johns Boosters are partnering to help make St. Johns shine this holiday season. Tomorrow, November 29th, between 5:00 and 8:00 PM, a percentage of all sales at the St. Johns Burgerville will go to the holiday lights fund that pays for the tree lights we all enjoy in St. Johns.

If you are tired of Thanksgiving turkey or just need a night away from the stove, please join us for a totally delicious way to help support the popular tree lights in our downtown.

Interior of St. Johns BurgervilleIn addition to seasonal favorites, such as Yukon Golden Waffle Fries and Salted Caramel Milkshakes, Burgerville offers traditional hamburgers, salads and more.

Thank you for helping make St. Johns shine this holiday season!


St. Johns businesses

Help Make St. Johns Shine this Holiday Season

St Johns holiday lights poster. Help make St. Johns shine this holiday season.

Each year the St Johns holiday lights on our street trees brighten, beautify and improve safety along our main street. This is an important tradition because it dresses up our downtown, making it a nice place for people to hangout in the evening hours. It helps our many small and family-owned business stay afloat by keeping customers coming in during the winter months. By lighting our street trees we make the area more welcoming to shoppers.

Costs of Holiday Lights

It costs $250 per tree to install lights. We are permitted by the City of Portland to keep these lights going all year to keep our downtown safe and bright. We currently have 38 trees lit and have designated an additional 75 trees to light in the coming years. Trees also need to be maintained annually, replacing strands that may have burned out and adjusting the horticultural tape that is used to secure the lights to the trees.

We need the funds by November 25th in order to maintain the trees that are currently lit and, hopefully, expand to include more street trees.

Ways to Donate

Donate in the cans set out at local businesses. They are picked up weekly. Or donate online using one of two options:

[button link=””]PayPal button on our website[/button] [button link=””]GoFundMe[/button]

Our entire neighborhood will appreciate your support. Come visit us in St. Johns and enjoy a delightful holiday shopping experience, restaurants and our holiday lights!


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