General Membership meetings

Crime Prevention in St. Johns

We love St Johns mural
We love St. Johns mural on the Tulip Pastry Shop.

General Membership Meeting

Crime continues to be a concern for business owners in St. Johns. Petty thefts, graffiti and, occasional, sometimes violent interactions with alcohol or drug dependent residents and passersby are problems we deal with as part of this urban environment.

On Wednesday, February 17th, we welcome Meg Juarez and Jenna Plank who will speak on crime prevention, contacting the police and other City resources. Juarez is the Crime Prevention Coordinator from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and Plank is our Neighborhood Deputy District Attorney from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

Bring your questions, concerns, and suggestions to this General Membership meeting of the St. Johns Boosters. Meeting begins at 7:15 am at the John Street Cafe, 8338 N Lombard.

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