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October is CyberAwareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While many forms of ID theft cannot be prevented, there are some simple things everyone can do (both in their personal lives and even at work), to mitigate the risk.

October is National CyberAwareness Month

Do Not Use the Same Password Across Multiple Programs

Studies show that 55% of all people repeat their passwords, many even using the same passwords at home and at work. If a criminal were to obtain your password and combine it with your email or other pieces of personal info, they can attempt to breach many accounts at once, including credit cards and bank accounts.

Protect Against Medical Identity Theft

Credits cards are a small percentage of all identity theft. Most banks have this under control.

The #1 culprit is Medical Identity Theft at 43%. The cost of health care has sky-rocketed, making health care a luxury for many. The scariest part of this happening is that — due to HIPAA laws — one would never even know. If you were to receive medical care and were a victim…it would be your name but another’s health record. Perhaps you were allergic to a medication, had a health condition worth noting and more. This situation could literally be a case of life or death.

What’s the Price of Your Identity?

The median price to purchase someone’s identity was only $21.35 in 2015. This is a low price to gain access to stealing an individual’s identity. Couple that with the plethora of data breaches….. it is becoming harder to feel secure in this CyberAge.

How To Protect Yourself

Melanie Kantor, Legal ShieldWhat can you do? You cannot undo what is already out there but one can be proactive for the future. LegalShield has partnered with Kroll to provide our members 24/7 Identity Theft protection. ID Shield monitors what matters. Not only that — but should you become a victim of identity theft — your personal private investigator will do whatever it takes; as long as it takes; however much money it takes to restore your identity back to pre-theft status.

To find out more about ID Shield please contact me or get more information at this link. Additional information and a video can be found on my website.  Please reach out to me with any questions.

Melanie Kantor
LegalShield Independent Associate

By Melanie Kantor

Melanie Kantor was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. A graduate of Franklin High School, she moved to North Portland in 1999. Melanie is a proud Lady of Justice-empowering and protecting families, individuals and business owners with their legal rights. She has been an active community member through non-profit work and as a PTA parent. You can also find her on the dance floor teaching her passion, Zumba, at Charles Jordan Community Center and 24 Hour Fitness.

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