A life lesson from the Northern White Rhino…..

On Tuesday March 20, 2018, the last male northern white rhino died. This left two females as the only living members of the subspecies in existence. Thankfully, this may not mean extinction for the animal as scientists indicate In Vitro Fertilization may allow the rhinos to reproduce; it is not a guarantee. How we are […]

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Fermented Foods 101

Bacteria are everywhere. They cover every surface and live on every object and being, inside and out.  These wee beasties were one of the first life forms on Earth and there are more individual bacteria than any other sort of organism on the planet.  They outnumber the cells in the human body ten trillion to […]

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Add Some Clay To Your Health Regimen

  So we’re two months into the new year.  You’ve held true to your healthy resolutions; whirled up and consumed gallons of kale and acai berry smoothies, done hours of meditation, started crossfit to shake things up, but you’re still feeling slightly flat. Maybe it’s time to incorporate some clay into your routine? Not into your […]

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Healthy fats: Benefits to our bodies and which to choose for cooking

The human body requires three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fats. Each macronutrient provides energy in the form of calories and are essential for our bodies to properly function. Fat as a Macronutrient Today we will look at the macronutrient, fat: why we need it and which fats are healthiest for cooking and consuming. Fat has […]

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Lights Update … Looking for 2018 Sponsor

Thank you St. Johns! Despite a late start, the community support for the Brighten Up St. Johns campaign was amazing. We were able to light 50 trees, including 5 new trees along Burlington Avenue, making our downtown business district inviting and safe even on dark winter nights. Brighten Up St. Johns Totals The totals for […]

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Lights Out? Your Help Is Needed.

We all love the tree lights that the St. Johns Boosters install and update annually. During the dark days of winter they beautify our downtown business district, improve pedestrian safety, and encourage shopping and dining at local businesses. That holiday glow extends into the spring until the trees start leafing out. These lights we all […]

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Homemade paleo chili to warm your bones

  Happy winter St. Johns! It is officially cold out there! During these cold winter months, I like to warm up from the inside out with delicious homemade soups. This paleo chili is an easy breezy dish I made that was so tasty I wanted to share it. I have a hard time following a […]

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#GivingTuesday – Brighten Up St. Johns Campaign Update

Thank you St. Johns! We are on our way to raising the $5,000 necessary to replace burned out light strings and add lights to 5 more trees along N. Burlington Ave. Shoppers are donating in the cans set out at local businesses, folks online are donating via the GoFundMe campaign, and the recent “round up […]

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Brighten Up St. Johns!

Please help us fund this community endeavor. The St. Johns Boosters need your help making the holiday season shine. Everybody loves the lights on the downtown trees that improve public safety and bring shoppers out to local merchants and restaurants. Last year, with your generous gifts, the Boosters were able to repair 35 trees that were […]

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