West Coast Fitness

West Coast Fitness, athletes lifting weights
West Coast Fitness is celebrating our 30th year in St. Johns!
We now offer several recovery and wellness services that are available to non-members. In fact, these wellness devices have a multitude of benefits to people that do not even want to join the gym. We use:
Red Light Therapy,
VibraGenix Sound Frequency Therapy, and
PEMF Therapy (pulsed electro-magnetic field).
These treatments have been show to help people with:
Weight loss, skin rejuvenation, mood elevation, pain management, cellular optimization, muscle repair and recovery, reduced inflammation, improved circulation, ED, and many, many more.
Come in and see what we offer!

The Biggest & Best Gym in
North Portland Since 1994


Monday-Friday 5am-10pm

Saturday-Sunday 7am-8pm


7522 N Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203






  • Woman client in cross training class.
  • Spinning class setup
  • healthy senior citizen working out with trainer at West Coast Fitness
  • Personal trainer and athlete
  • Seniors exercist class
  • Seniors exercise class
  • Running machines and televisions at West Coast Fitness
  • West Coast Fitness main entrance
Jay and Terri Chadney, owners of West Coast Fitness
West Coast Fitness is family owned since 1994. Owners Jay and Terri Chadney.
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