Risa Davis, Realtor

Risa Davis, Realtor
Risa Davis, Realtor. Helping people navigate the home/commercial buying and selling process for over 20 years, licensed in Oregon and Washington

Supporting Buyers & Sellers for over 20 Years


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As Realtor who has lived in the St Johns and Cathedral Park Neighborhoods, I have based my business in St Johns for more than 10 years and am a seasoned Veteran Real Estate Broker since 2001. For the past 12 years I have been a Principal Broker.

Our neighborhoods have seen all types of markets come and go, and I have supported every client through thick and thin. I make sure my clients have the knowledge they need to make educated decisions on home-ownership whether it is a first-time home buyer or someone ready to downsize.

Being part of this community is important. I donate my time and effort to make sure St Johns and Cathedral Park neighborhoods are an amazing place to live by volunteering. I know every business owner in St Johns on a first name basis.

I have an extensive background in Historic Preservation and teach other Realtors how to work with properties on The National Register of Historic Places.

If you have questions, please ask.

Risa Davis