Not Your Average American, LLC

Our team at Not Your Average American, LLC is led by co-founders Angie and Scott Drake. Originally founded as a travel blog, our businesses has expanded to include consulting services for small business owners looking to attract socially responsible clients. Our approach is characterized by close collaboration, innovative solutions, and a commitment to sustainable and regenerative business models.

Our offerings include:

Website Design: We offer website design focused on simplicity and effectiveness, aimed at attracting socially-conscious clients. Our approach involves co-designing with clients to ensure the website reflects your vision and purpose.

Website management and hosting services with various plans designed to meet different needs, from a single landing page to more complex websites involving reservations and sales.

Branding & Marketing: We co-design branding and marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences, focusing on creating a branded customer journey that aligns with your client’s values and objectives.

Strategic Communications: With a unique skill in translating not just language but also culture, we helps clients craft copy that effectively connects with audiences, ensuring that messages are culturally relevant and engaging. Our past projects include fundraisers, grant applications, newsletters, and more.

Business Coaching that clarifies your vision and purpose, helping you attract aligned customers. We emphasize the customer journey and the importance of a strong, resonant brand experience.

Additionally, NYAA Consulting offers advisory services for those working in business, politics, and travel, particularly regarding events and trends in the Andean Nations and the United States. This service aims to offer nuanced insights and updates that are crucial for informed decision-making before you travel.

You can find us at:

Strategic Communications Consulting


By appointment only


Portland, OR 97203


(503) 568-1076



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