Laura Drago, Nice Needles
Laura L. Drago, Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Healing Beauty that goes Soul Deep. Without Toxic chemicals, drugs or invasive procedures!

My specialty for over 10 years as been using acupuncture and lifestyle therapies to support healing and change of the emotional/spirit body. I still love this work and do it as well as help my patients maintain wellness and boost immunity all year long. 

This next part is exciting…

I am now expanding my practice into the area of skin repair and healing because I have seen first hand how this lifts and heals the soul. Beautiful face, beautiful heart!

Powerful infra-red, blue, and yellow light therapy and micro needling which can also be combined with facial and body acupuncture to promote all over healing, lift and years off of your face, neck and hands. Did I mention I will be offering hair regrowth as well?

Here’s what Micro-Needling & Light Therapy can do:

Re-grow hair, reduce scars and stretch marks, treat scars, acne, wrinkles, lines sagging and the overall appearance of the skin. Define your jaw and chin line. All of this without the use of a knife, drugs or injections. All natural, gentle and results last 3-5 years without maintenance.

Healing Beauty that goes Soul Deep


Tuesday – Thursday, and Sunday by appointment


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