Huk Lab Disc Golf

Huk Lab aims to help build the sport of disc golf positively by creating unique graphic apparel and gear that allow disc golfers worldwide to identify with this great sport both on and off of the course.

We strive to emulate a business model that achieves a balance between our planet, people, players and profit. A sustainability that begins with our business plan and continues throughout every product we create.

We will endeavor the build the culture of disc golf by designing and selling Huk Lab Fly Gear and sponsoring tourneys and events.
Keep on huckin’

Disc Golf


Monday: closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 11am-4pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm


8402 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97203


(503) 954-2966



Every Wednesday and Thursday we host a $6 putting league where participants can compete on our indoor putting course. The grand finale will be during the St Johns Bizarre. We’ll host a ‘ring of fire’ on the street front with prizes

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