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Scarlett of Hatchlings Doula Service
Scarlett Linsky of Hatchlings Doula Service. Scarlett has been guiding people through the birthing process since 2009. You can think of her as your own personal birth consultant, bringer of calm dust, and hand holder extraordinaire. She acts as a guide and translator through everything that a birth can bring, whether it is boringly “normal” or medically complex. She has tools that can provide comfort in any birth setting, with or without pain medication, and through cesarean births when you want or need them to happen.
She also teaches the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class which can arm you with knowledge of childbirth research, comfort measures, and advocacy skills! See HatchlingsPDX.com for more information!

Having a baby? I can help with that.


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Your baby’s birth will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life. The details may be fuzzy, but you will always remember how you felt. I can help make sure you feel prepared and supported for your birth. Of all days, this should be a day you remember fondly.

An initial interview (or consultation) is always free.

Get yourself a professional hand-holder, a professional sprinkler of calm dust, a professional navigator who is fluent in the language of birth and medical care related to birth.

I can ignite your excitement for birthing. I can calm your nerves about birthing. I can educate you about parts of birth you never knew existed. I can help partners have the confidence to be fully present for you.

It does. not. matter. what kind of birth you are planning. I’m here to help it go as smoothly and calmly as it can.