Friends of Pier Park

Friends of Pier Park (FoPP) is an all volunteer-led neighborhood non-profit whose mission is to maintain, enhance and advocate for the 85-acre, mostly wooded, North Portland park. In partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R), since 2003 FoPP has served the community by helping to make Pier Park safe, inviting, vibrant, and enjoyable for every visitor. FoPP believes in the power of coming together, in sharing people’s diverse knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm, and love nature and Pier Park to help it, and the community thrive. We promote park stewardship activities with PP&R, SOLVE and other groups to maintain the park, plant native species and remove invasive ones. We host inter-generational walks and facilitate nature and sport-oriented park activities to engage underserved youth and their families and reach out and encourage others in the care of the park and its culturally diverse neighborhood. We sponsor and host cultural activities like, our “Summer Music in the Park” series. We partner with North Portland Public Schools and other non-profit cultural and nature education organizations to develop and deliver hands on educational programs that bring neighborhood youth into the park for hands on activities. We also raise funds to add and enhance park features, such as benches, new gardens, and sports facilities infrastructure.


no regular hours, only prescheduled special events and on line


Portland OR, 97203


(781) 424-8417



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