Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective

Fall Showcase with ukuleles

Engaging Community Through Performing Arts


Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
During class hours Monday – Saturday
See website for schedule.


7528 N Charleston Ave
Portland, OR 97203





Our organization is made possible by a dedicated collective of students and teachers, generous donors, and our wonderful volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved, contact CPPAC Director, Cristina Marino, at

  • A violinist performs at the annual Fall Showcase for Cathedral Park Performing Arts
  • Cristina Marino, a CPPAC Director, accompanying performers on the piano at the annual Fall Showcase.
  • Small children with their dads are part of the Tadpoles group at CPPAC
  • A young student performs on the xylophone at Cathedral Park Performing Arts
  • Young children performing a tap routine at Cathedral Park Performing Arts
  • Lift Your Voice performance at an elder care facility
  • Homemade Jam session at elder care facility
  • Adults performing at the Fall Showcase
  • Fall Showcase performance
  • Fall Showcase at Cathedral Park Arts Collective
  • Build a Band group performing at Cathedral Park Performing Arts
  • Fall Showcase of students at Cathedral Park Performing Arts

Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective (CPPAC) is a nonprofit music & theatre arts education organization located in the heart of downtown St. Johns, Portland. This community-driven nonprofit was founded by St. Johns residents who are professional musicians, actors, and teachers with a passion for the performing arts. Our mission is to foster self-determination through the creative engagement of the community in the performing arts. CPPAC operates on the belief that self-determination, a sense of freedom and motivation to do what is interesting, personally important, and vitalizing, is instrumental to the creative process and a key component to achieving one’s goals.

In an effort to best serve our community, CPPAC offers classes and performance ensembles for all ages, children and adults, through both our studio program and our community outreach partnerships. Programs include: voice & choir, marimba, strings & orchestra, guitar & ukulele, composition, acting & improv, musical theatre, build-a-band, early childhood music & movement, and an intergenerational program that connects community members of all ages.