Help Make St. Johns Shine this Holiday Season

St Johns holiday lights poster. Help make St. Johns shine this holiday season.

Each year the St Johns holiday lights on our street trees brighten, beautify and improve safety along our main street. This is an important tradition because it dresses up our downtown, making it a nice place for people to hangout in the evening hours. It helps our many small and family-owned business stay afloat by keeping customers coming in during the winter months. By lighting our street trees we make the area more welcoming to shoppers.

Costs of Holiday Lights

It costs $250 per tree to install lights. We are permitted by the City of Portland to keep these lights going all year to keep our downtown safe and bright. We currently have 38 trees lit and have designated an additional 75 trees to light in the coming years. Trees also need to be maintained annually, replacing strands that may have burned out and adjusting the horticultural tape that is used to secure the lights to the trees.

We need the funds by November 25th in order to maintain the trees that are currently lit and, hopefully, expand to include more street trees.

Ways to Donate

Donate in the cans set out at local businesses. They are picked up weekly. Or donate online using one of two options:

PayPal button on our website GoFundMe

Our entire neighborhood will appreciate your support. Come visit us in St. Johns and enjoy a delightful holiday shopping experience, restaurants and our holiday lights!



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