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St. Johns Boosters General Meeting Minutes

The St. Johns Boosters meet the third Wednesday of each month on Zoom. Meetings begin at 8:00am with introductions. The agenda follows. We often have Guest speakers who begin at 9:00am  and the meeting concludes by 9:30am, with time for community updates. A link is sent out via email to current members a couple of days before the meeting.

We hope to go back to in-person membership meetings one day at John Street Cafe!

2022 General Meeting Minutes

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2016 General Meeting Minutes

February meeting handouts about crime prevention:

  1. Crime Prevention Problem Solving Resources, City of Portland, PDF link
  2. Commercial Burglary Prevention, pages 1 and 4, PDF link
  3. Commercial Burglary Prevention, pages 2 and 3, PDF link
  4. Shoplift Prevention, pages 1 and 4, PDF link
  5. Shoplift Prevention, pages 2 and 3, PDF link
  1. May meeting Portland Business Alliance flyer, PDF link

June meeting Venture Portland presentation on social media

  1. Strategically Social, presentation PDF
  2. Business District Editorial Calendar, PDF link