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On November 16, 2016 we elected our new board members:

These board members join the current board that includes:

Derek Shaw, Past President and owner of The Olive & Vine, is stepping away from the board this year but still active as a member. We thank Derek for his years of service, integrity, and ongoing commitment to the St. Johns business community.


President, Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson on the roof of the St. Johns Ace Hardware store.

Mike Johnson is the owner of St. Johns Ace Hardware and President of the St. Johns Boosters.

Mike and his wife, Kim, own the popular Ace Hardware in St. Johns, on the corner of Lombard Street and Tyler Avenue. When he is not working at the hardware store, you will see him playing with his two happy dogs.

Secretary, Nancy Arvesen

Nancy Arvesen in front of the St. Johns Library

Nancy Arvesen,
St. Johns Library

Nancy manages the St. Johns branch of the Multnomah County Library at 7510 N Charleston Avenue. Knowledgable and kind, she is a popular librarian.

In her free time she volunteers in St. Johns, making our neighborhood a better place.

Treasurer, Charlie Te

Charlie Te

Charlie Te, Albina Community Bank

Charlie Te went to Portland State University and graduated with a degree in Marketing, Management, and Human Resources. He recently received his MBA with a focus in Finance from Marylhurst University.

Most of Charlie’s professional career is in the financial industry working in all aspects of banking. He is the Vice President and Market Manager for Albina Community Bank for the MLK and St. Johns area.

In his spare time he likes to watch sports and explore Portland.  

Members at Large

Communications and Technology Committee, Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner, President of Waterlink Web.

Mary Ann and her husband, John Aschenbrenner, have lived in St. Johns since 1990. They both enjoy gardening, hiking and this thriving neighborhood. Together they own and operate the seasonal but popular Asches Urban Honey, an apiary in their garden next to the chicken run.

After five years of website marketing and administration for Metro, Mary Ann started building websites and learning coding and search engine optimization at Portland Community College in 2012. One of her first websites was Friends of Pier Park, an advocacy organization she has volunteered for since 2005. In 2014 she completed the PCC program and earned a certificate in Website Development and Design. That is also the year she launched Waterlink Web to build websites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

As President of Waterlink Web, Mary Ann has built dozens of WordPress websites for small companies, individuals and nonprofits. The company slogan is, “Connecting Your Customers to You.” Waterlink Web does that by building websites that your customers will find and that make you look good on the internet.

Business District Relations Committee, Beth Preciso

Beth Preciso in The Man's Shop

Beth Preciso,
The Man’s Shop

An accomplished seamstress, Beth is also a big part of the success of The Man’s Shop, a men’s clothing store at 8511 N Lombard. Along with Kert Wright from Sabi & Friends Vintage, she also organizes the popular “Night on the Town.”

Member at Large, Cristina Marino

Cristina Marino

Cristina Marino,
Cathedral Park Music.

“Passion – Practice – Performance”, is the slogan for Christina’s business, Cathedral Park Music, located at 7427 N Lombard Street. Her passion for music is infectious. Her students, both children and adults, love learning, practicing and performing.

When she is not teaching music, Christina is busy running the nonprofit, Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective.

Deanna Cantrell

Deanna Cantrell, Owner of
Deanna Cantrell Photography

Risa Davis

Risa Davis, Principal
Broker, Nouveau Realty

Jean Schwartz

Jean Schwartz, Owner
of Metamorphic

All Members

  1. 45th Parallel Wines, Matt Hensel and Sharon Duff (new member in 2017)
  2. Ace Hardware in St. Johns, Mike Johnson and Kim Johnson (renewed membership in 2017)
  3. Albina Community Bank, Charlie Te (renewed membership in 2017)
  4. Aspire Project, Sue Darrow (new member in 2017)
  5. Bizzy Lizzie, Liz Smith (new member in 2017)
  6. Blue Bird Tavern, Tim Jorgensen (new member in 2017)
  7. Breathe, Rachel Neet (new member in 2017)
  8. Burgerville, Matthew Wiederholt (new member in 2017)
  9. Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, Margie Smith (renewed membership in 2017)
  10. Cathedral Park Music, Cristina Marino (renewed membership in 2017)
  11. Club Sky High, Rachel Jones (renewed membership in 2017)
  12. Comic Cave PDX, Doug O’Loughlin (new member in 2017)
  13. Convergence Architecture, Joe Purkey (renewed membership in 2017)
  14. Deanna Cantrell Photography, Deanna Cantrell (renewed membership in 2017)
  15. Delicious Life Wellness, Allison Kirley (new member in 2017)
  16. District Real Estate, Amy Gibson and Kristen Riggs (new member in 2017)
  17. Etcetera Gifts & Goods, Brie Wissler
  18. Foresters Financial, Scott Berry (new member in 2017)
  19. Hustad Funeral Home, Scott Logan (new member in 2017)
  20. LaborWorks, Dan Kearns (new member in 2017)
  21. Leah Dowling Real Estate, Leah Dowling (new member in 2017)
  22. Lombard Street Tattoo (new member in 2017)
  23. Living Room Realty, Howard Greenfield (renewed membership in 2017)
  24. Lucas Cole Agency — Farmers Insurance, Lucas Cole (new member in 2017)
  25. Metamorphic, Jean Schwartz (renewed membership in 2017)
  26. Morehouse Barbers, Adam Morehouse (new member in 2017)
  27. Nature’s Pet Market, Matt and Celest Richards (renewed membership in 2017)
  28. NAPA Auto Parts, John Randall (new member in 2017)
  29. North End Barber Company, Jim Cramer (renewed membership in 2017)
  30. Northwest Container (Waste Connections Inc.), Tom Leland (new member in 2017)
  31. Nouveau Realty Group, Risa Davis (new member in 2017)
  32. Oregonians Credit Union, Emily Spall (renewed membership in 2017)
  33. Pizza Nostra, Abdu Alhoti (renewed membership in 2017)
  34. Pour PDX, Trevor Thurston (new member in 2017)
  35. Premiere Property Group, Frank Marzetta (new member in 2017)
  36. RõM Shoes, Annalisa Romano (renewed membership in 2017)
  37. Salty Teacup, Karen Urban (renewed membership in 2017)
  38. Shanti Om Yoga, Bhakti Foster (renewed membership in 2017)
  39. Sky High Glass Gallery, Rachel Jones (renewed membership in 2017)
  40. Something Borrowed Portland, Lane Bigsby (new member in 2017)
  41. St. Johns Clay Collective, Lindsay Fryback (new member in 2017)
  42. St. Johns Food Share, KarenJean Lundborg (renewed membership in 2017)
  43. St. Johns Library, Nancy Arveson (renewed membership in 2017)
  44. St. Johns Center for Opportunity, Lindsay Jensen (renewed membership in 2017)
  45. St. Johns Storage, NW Self Storage, Skylar Merkelbach (renewed membership in 2017)
  46. St. Johns Vision Clinic, Scott Overton (new member in 2017)
  47. Stumptown Chiropractic, Melissa Bartoszewski (renewed membership in 2017)
  48. The Great North, Matt Brown and Jeff Hokyo (renewed membership in 2017)
  49. The Man’s Shop, Beth Preciso (renewed membership in 2017)
  50. The Olive & Vine, Derek Shaw (renewed membership in 2017)
  51. Therapy Stores, Inc., Brittney Nicolulis (new member in 2017)
  52. Timmco Insurance, Greg Bair (renewed membership in 2017)
  53. Tre Bone, Serge (renewed membership in 2017)
  54. Waterlink Web, Mary Ann Aschenbrenner (renewed membership in 2017)
  55. West Coast Fitness, Jay and Terri Chadney (new member in 2017)
  56. Vern Luce, Commercial Property Owner (new member in 2017)
  57. Zumbido de Portland, Samantha Bartlett (new member in 2017)

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